Sunday, May 28, 2006

Theme: May 29 - June 4

I feel very ashamed. I was in charge of this during Trista's vacation, and was SO excited to be in charge of it. But I dropped the ball. This is my clumsy attempt to pick it back up again.

This week's theme: someone steals something she does't need.

I think this theme matches nicely somehow with the picture that sparked the S Project, which I would link to if I knew how. Something about the reflections and the manequins and the movement make me think of that something covert is going on, although it's a anxious and perhaps noble kind of covertness.



Here's mine.
I played too! OOo! Me! Pick me! I wrote about an evil little girl who stole some candy from the grocery store. There's blood in it! Yay. Every story is better with a bit of blood...
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