Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Theme for 6/19-7/3/2006

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Participants (so far)

Emptiness by Anonymous Assclown
Emptiness of a Yearning Heart by Jill Terry
The Emptiness by AndyT13
Emptiness by Ditto
Press and... wait. By Plimco
Emptiness by Calliope
Alone by Shannon
Emptiness by Naive No More
Emptiness by The Mystery Assclown
Draining Her by Meaghans Discontent
Emptiness by Faith
Harlot by Jo Anna
Emptiness by Theresa
Loyalty by The Road Less Travelled
Fading From View by Trista
A Day in the Life of Phil by Dick the Boomer
Emptiness by Greenman

I'm pretty sure I screwed this up, but here's my link;
Another entry -
This is my first try.... I didn't know that these entries would be so dark. Or that the people posting are so accomplished. Oh well! I'll get better if I keep writing, right?

This is my first try too. Here is my link

I'm a virgin to this, go easy on me:

Well everyone's entry has been pretty fascinating so far. We need some lighter themse though. We're all a dark and depressing bunch it seems!
Here's mine. http://chauceriangirl.blogspot.com/2006/06/emptiness.html
If I'm the last one, do I have to be a rotten egg?

Just under the wire.

I did mine a bit late... but here it is...
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