Monday, July 31, 2006

Housekeeping, apologies and a new theme

First off:

Theme for 7/31/06-8/13/06:

"I guess s/he was just born that way."

Work this sentence into your story. Change the gender to whichever you need. Good luck!


SeaRabbit has generously offered this button to the participants of The Scheherazade Project. I think it's beautiful. If you like, put it on your blog to let people know that you're a participant. Fame and fortune soon to follow. I'm sure. Right. It's true. To get this lovely little button, email me (or SeaRabbit) and I'll send it to you.

The Scheherazade Projet


Any of you who read my personal blog know that I've been a bit... shall we say... obsessed with something for the last week. Actually, I've been obsessed for longer than that, but I've only been writing it out this last week. So, I didn't do a dialogue. But I love dialogue, so I am planning on doing it. It's just gotta wait until I get my breastfeeding series finished.

Because of my obsession, not only have I not been as quick getting the links updated as I should be (there's a new story for the Blue Monkey, too!) but I also haven't been reading and commenting like I would like myself to. Give me two more days and I'll start catching up. I'm sorry.

To everyone who has been carrying on... GREAT JOB, GUYS!!!! Keep up the good work! I'll deobsess soon, I promise!

Participants (newest on top)

"The Ghanian Summer" by Naive-no-more"Born that Way" by the Contrary Goddess
"from No Normal Love (A Sci-Fi Lesbian Pirate Bodice-Ripper) Part the Twelfth In Which Our Heroine Discovers She Isn't Exactly Ordinary" by Trista
"That's Just the Way it is" by Faith

"Mercury Rising" by Dick the Boomer
"bornthatway" by AndyT13
"Untitled" by Navalgazing Midwife
"Success" by Sam Wright

Monday, July 17, 2006

Theme for 7/17-7/30

Ok folks. Enough with the pictures for now. I want to try something a bit different.

This time, I want you to focus on dialogue. Your piece doesn't have to contain only dialogue. You can have some setting, some reactions. But try to make most of the movement and tension in the piece come through dialogue. The dialogue doesn't all have to be verbal; some people are capable of upholding their end of a conversation with body language alone. But, let's see how much detail and interest you can generate through conversation...

As always, please link your piece to this specific post. That way people can click the "links to" link and see who has participated even if I'm slow on the list-making.


"What Did You Bring?" by The Road Less Travelled
Collard Greens and the Boston Monkey
"The Puppy and the Almighty Queen Tiny Cat" by Shannon
"Tell Me" by Milfie (Hot Brownie)
"God's Message is Loud and Clear" by RC666
"Good Morning" by Searabbit
"Bus Ride" by Calliope
Clover's dialogue
"The Rotary Club" by Dick the Boomer

Monday, July 03, 2006

Theme for 7/3-7/16

Don't fear the big blue monkey...
Originally uploaded by visio0815.

Ok, last week's entries (THANK YOU, all you new people!) were just so dark! Since a picture worked so well last time, I thought I would try it again. But with something a bit lighter in tone. Let's see what y'all make of the big blue monkey errr... gorilla!


"Monkey on her Back" by Hooluvsyababy

"Large and Fluffy Things" by Lauri

"The Walrus" by Plimco

"Boyfriend dot crazy" by Calliope

"Bobby" by Dick the Boomer

"Perspective" by Naive-No-More

"Not Ever Gone" by Trista

"Heartbreak on the High Seas" by Theresa

"The Blue Monkey" by The Road Less Travelled

"The Blue Gorilla" by Leandra

"The Blue Monkey" by Spin_Doc

"She Said No" by Hot Brownie

"I'm Blue" by RC666

"Blue Gorilla" by Shannon

"Dream of the Blue Monkey" by AndyT

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