Monday, July 17, 2006

Theme for 7/17-7/30

Ok folks. Enough with the pictures for now. I want to try something a bit different.

This time, I want you to focus on dialogue. Your piece doesn't have to contain only dialogue. You can have some setting, some reactions. But try to make most of the movement and tension in the piece come through dialogue. The dialogue doesn't all have to be verbal; some people are capable of upholding their end of a conversation with body language alone. But, let's see how much detail and interest you can generate through conversation...

As always, please link your piece to this specific post. That way people can click the "links to" link and see who has participated even if I'm slow on the list-making.


"What Did You Bring?" by The Road Less Travelled
Collard Greens and the Boston Monkey
"The Puppy and the Almighty Queen Tiny Cat" by Shannon
"Tell Me" by Milfie (Hot Brownie)
"God's Message is Loud and Clear" by RC666
"Good Morning" by Searabbit
"Bus Ride" by Calliope
Clover's dialogue
"The Rotary Club" by Dick the Boomer

Gah! This is no good! Dialog?!?!?
OK, but remember YOU ASKED FOR IT.
Ha ha ha....

I think I seriously am a morbid person.

Enjoy! Criticism welcomed!

Sorry forgot the link.....
I tried again. You guys can tell me how bad it sucks, I know and can take it, I just hope to try to learn to write better and I can't learn if I don't try.
Wow! I'm on time...
I really enjoyed writing this short dialogue.

Good Morning...
I'm not really sure how to link this. I'm new at blogging.
I just posted my latest entry at:

I still haven't figured out how this link thing works.
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