Monday, August 28, 2006

Theme for 8/28/06-9/10/06

Originally uploaded by lake monsters real.

Well, I mostly chose this picture because I really like the dress...

Monday, August 14, 2006

Theme for 8/14-8/28

The Ravages of Time
Originally uploaded by L of TL.

Ok, back to pictures. At least for now. Hey, if any of you have any ideas for themes, email them to me, K? I'm not promising that I'll use them, but I'll at least think about using them...

For this week I give you a decrepit house. A real fixer-upper. Let's see what you make...

Participants (newest on top)

A sentence by Naive-no-more
"Tumble Down" by Trista
"Fly on the Wall" by the Contrary Goddess
"For Sale By Owner" by Milfie(Hot Brownie)
"Quickie" by RC666
"Ravages of Time" by Dick the Boomer
"Ravages of Time" by Sam Wright
"Ravages of Time" by Spin_Doc
"Dreaming of Yesterday" by Faith
"Starlight" by Izzybella (Liz)

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