Monday, August 28, 2006

Theme for 8/28/06-9/10/06

Originally uploaded by lake monsters real.

Well, I mostly chose this picture because I really like the dress...

I couldn't sleep so I wrote -here ya go :-)
I didn't want to sleep so I wrote -here ya go :(
I'd like to be at sleep, but I had to come to work. So I wrote. Here ya go :-)
My muses have been asleep all summer, and I am trying to wake them by joining in. So I wrote.

Here ya go :/
I slept all day because I had the day off. Apropos of nothing. Just wanted to join in...
I've created a sleeping monster! LOL
Why is it so quiet in here?
I've been wondering the same thing! I keep checking, looking for more stories to read!
Probably my fault. I'm a notorious partykiller. ;)
Shhhh, we're hunting wabbits!
squeezing out a last minute submission...
I'm lame, people. I think we may need a new intrepid leader...
If you want a co-leader, I'll volunteer.
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