Monday, July 31, 2006

Housekeeping, apologies and a new theme

First off:

Theme for 7/31/06-8/13/06:

"I guess s/he was just born that way."

Work this sentence into your story. Change the gender to whichever you need. Good luck!


SeaRabbit has generously offered this button to the participants of The Scheherazade Project. I think it's beautiful. If you like, put it on your blog to let people know that you're a participant. Fame and fortune soon to follow. I'm sure. Right. It's true. To get this lovely little button, email me (or SeaRabbit) and I'll send it to you.

The Scheherazade Projet


Any of you who read my personal blog know that I've been a bit... shall we say... obsessed with something for the last week. Actually, I've been obsessed for longer than that, but I've only been writing it out this last week. So, I didn't do a dialogue. But I love dialogue, so I am planning on doing it. It's just gotta wait until I get my breastfeeding series finished.

Because of my obsession, not only have I not been as quick getting the links updated as I should be (there's a new story for the Blue Monkey, too!) but I also haven't been reading and commenting like I would like myself to. Give me two more days and I'll start catching up. I'm sorry.

To everyone who has been carrying on... GREAT JOB, GUYS!!!! Keep up the good work! I'll deobsess soon, I promise!

Participants (newest on top)

"The Ghanian Summer" by Naive-no-more"Born that Way" by the Contrary Goddess
"from No Normal Love (A Sci-Fi Lesbian Pirate Bodice-Ripper) Part the Twelfth In Which Our Heroine Discovers She Isn't Exactly Ordinary" by Trista
"That's Just the Way it is" by Faith

"Mercury Rising" by Dick the Boomer
"bornthatway" by AndyT13
"Untitled" by Navalgazing Midwife
"Success" by Sam Wright

Oh my... you are asking for my bio here...lololol...
Well, I hit the last one in an ugly way and way past the last minute. Here's something a bit more subdued.
A "song" based on the words contained in the challenge.
I'd like to play but maybe I'm having a brain freeze or something but I don't see an e-mail . . . I'd love to display the button too . . . And I've already written something with this last theme but I'm not sure I have the guts to post it -- might have to create another blog or just play privately . . .

my e-mail is:

I just posted my latest entry at:

Beautiful button!

Hi Trista. I just emailed you. Looking forward to future inspiration here.

Would still love to have the beautiful button.
make that html of course. Sorry
Okay, I finally got back on my lazy butt and decided to write one...

Hee hee hee....enjoy...criticism welcomed...
I have a submission half ready for this theme, but both my computers are on the fritz. I'm at my neighbors but don't think I'll get to post the story before I leave next week again. I may post a submission late.
I know... a late one again... but I felt somehow that someone was kicking me in the ass...;-)
"I guess she was just born that way."
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