Monday, July 03, 2006

Theme for 7/3-7/16

Don't fear the big blue monkey...
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Ok, last week's entries (THANK YOU, all you new people!) were just so dark! Since a picture worked so well last time, I thought I would try it again. But with something a bit lighter in tone. Let's see what y'all make of the big blue monkey errr... gorilla!


"Monkey on her Back" by Hooluvsyababy

"Large and Fluffy Things" by Lauri

"The Walrus" by Plimco

"Boyfriend dot crazy" by Calliope

"Bobby" by Dick the Boomer

"Perspective" by Naive-No-More

"Not Ever Gone" by Trista

"Heartbreak on the High Seas" by Theresa

"The Blue Monkey" by The Road Less Travelled

"The Blue Gorilla" by Leandra

"The Blue Monkey" by Spin_Doc

"She Said No" by Hot Brownie

"I'm Blue" by RC666

"Blue Gorilla" by Shannon

"Dream of the Blue Monkey" by AndyT

OH, gah. This is going to stretch me a little more. LOL
Huh ... I think I dated that guy.
Small world.
Hmm. I'm already done and posted but I came up with something even darker than last time. My first idea was so dark I couldn't even post it. Scary.
I think I had a dream about this once...
Well, my story isn't dark but it's not sweetness and light either.
I just posted my story. It's just a little dark - dark blue. It's called "Bobby" and it's at
This was really challenging, but Dick stimulated me when a car crashed into his house yesterday morning.
Oh, mine is definitely feathery-light.
Hmm, ran into this site and thought it was a fabulous idea, so I just cooked something up in 30 minutes (It's my first time please be gentle!). Please let me know what you think!
This one was challenging. It went down a different path than I intended, but I went with it.
I tried but I'm not a very good writer.
Well nobody asked my opinion and it's probably bad form to say so but I think Milfie the Hot Brownie's is the Best Entry. Everyone came up with something pretty good but hers was truly great. Wow. Her descriptivness is unparalleled.
Thanks so much...I am truly flattered. I love writing and being able to birth my own nuisance of thoughts into something edible makes it quite an enjoyable experience for me.

I loved all the entries!

They are all different. Just goes to show you the uniqueness of every ones opinions and thought process when shown the same object.
here is my dribble. :)
It is really likely that this is the link to my post:
Ok... thought I had hit the 'post Comment' last night but I'm not here...
But the Blue monkey project is there
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