Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Theme for 9/12 -9/24/06

Have I mentioned how much I suck at leading things? An intrepid leader I am not. So I'm late with the theme, I hope you're still all out there...

Anyway, I also changed the rules. That's the cool thing about being the leader is that I get to change the rules.

Here's the change. (I posted them already in the How To Play post so don't worry about that). The change is that I am too busy to put up a list of participants. And you all put your story urls in the comments anyway. So, from now on, look in the comments to see where the action is at. And then come back here and discuss.

Ok. That last part's not a rule. But still a nice thing to do, don't you think?

Ok, this week's theme...

Someone suggested "What exactly IS a bergamot, anyway?"

And then I came up with the simply fabulous idea of: someone confronts a hard truth.

So pick which one you want. And come back here and fill us in...

And, if you've got better ideas for themes, um, let me know, ok?

Nothing like being the first one...

And here I was feeling bad because I hadn't been to see what the theme was! LOL! Quit being so hard on yourself. What if it is one a month? So what?
I went with the bergamot idea. http://chauceriangirl.blogspot.com/2006/09/s-project.html
I am ashamed.

But here you go anyway:

Okay, here's mine (started it a weekago and just finished it yesterday)
My comments to date:

Spinner - Creepy, I like it :-)

Gentleman Brown - Very dramatic - great writing!

Faith - Great story! You really have to watch out for those oenophiles, especially the ones with 7 hairy legs. Or was that on Star Trek?
Anyway I just loved it!

Izzy - Ah, don't give up! Hard truths are everywhere! :-D
ok, this may be cheating. Not written specifically FOR this theme, and only just barely if you look at it sideways maybe fitting the hard truth thing, but hey, I never said I played by the rules.

I wrote some shit too. Couldn't stop writing about bergamots for some reason. No way I'm taking the time to type in all those persnickety links.

They're called:

Bergamot Robot

A moment between the two of them


"Have some tea"

I also linked to this post, so you should be able to get there through the links if you're lazy too...

The end
I'm back in the game. Sorry for the long absence. Some of these themes looked really interesting. Here is my entry. Hopefully I'm not too late.
As always feedback is welcome.
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