Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Theme 10/24/06 - 11/7/06

Think about the worst blind date you've ever had. Remember every excruciating, agonizing detail. Where you went, what you did, what s/he wore, said, smelled like. Now write about it.

From the perspective of your date.

And if by some freak circumstance you've never had a blind date--lucky!--use your imagination and enchant us all. Or else leave us rolling on the floor laughing hysterically as you make it painfully clear that you've never had a blind date.

And remember that answering personals ads count as blind dates.

Have fun! Because something good has to come out of that awful experience, right?


I'm starting to get a complex. I think I'll quit suggesting topics. :)
Here's mine...


My attempt to capture what happened on his end. Drugs and blind dates don't mix well.
Alright, here's my first entry to this project. You can find it at this link:

I'm a little nervous about this one. :\
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