Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And The Winds of Change...

This post is going to stay on the top through the end of February... scroll down for new stuff...

Ok. Hi. It's me. Trista. Remember me? Well, Faith has kicked my ass back in gear and I'm here, with bells on, ready to participate again.

Here's the deal... things are changing.

New theme every month instead of every two weeks. Each month we'll take all the participants and put their names in a drawing for a monthly prize. For each separate piece of creative writing you contribute to the Scheherazade Project you'll get an additional entry in the drawing, up to three.

This is February's prize.
S Project Prize for February
My photography sucks, but it's an Italian leather journal in brown and shiny shiny gold. And this beautiful baby can be all yours...

And now, February's theme:


Lie on that table. Sing sweet lies in my ears. Spin a web of lies with your looks and your dancing. Heck, dip me in lye if you want to take it that far. Make me believe it or make it so outrageous you couldn't fool a child.

Just lie to me, baby. You know you want to.

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