Wednesday, March 14, 2007


ok, ok, I'm still behind on everything I was supposed to do since I got back from vacation... I still feel like it's just barely March, but really March is half-way done!

Anyway, without further ado...

PLIMCO is the winner of the lovely journal. Did you read her post? It was really good. I truly enjoyed it. But that's not why she won. It was a totally random drawing. I liked all the S Project entries that I read. I did. You people are all such liars, I can't believe it. Good thing I'm so unbelievably honest.

I'm the WEENER. I'm the WEENER. It's hard to be me.

But, I must say that I've relinquished my prize, for I cannot possibly be held responsible for the beauty and light and glory and luxury that that beautiful journal possesses. I hereby pass along the material portion of my victory to someone far more deserving than me.

Cause I'm generous like that.
plimco, you rock!
I do, gypsy. I really do. Sigh. It's hard to be me.
isnt there an old country song...

"oh lord, its hard to be humble...when you're perfect in every way...?"

does that song play when you walk into any room? yeah. i thought so!

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