Monday, April 09, 2007


Ok. April is Poetry month. Now, I know that most of y'all here don't write poetry. But, still, it's poetry month. I think that should count for something, you know?

So. I want you to take a poem, any poem you like, and re-write it as prose. Twist it if you like. Bend it completely out of shape if you must. But make it have SOME connection to a poem in it's inception... even if it's just that they both start with the same word.

Come back here and leave in your comments a link to your piece, and to the original poem so we can ooh and ahh at your cleverness.

Yes. There will be a random drawing. No, I don't know what for yet.

Now, go.


I linked to the poem in the introduction to my piece. It's based on "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock."

Cool idea, Trista. I enjoyed it, and may play with it some more!
ooh! i am so proud of myself! (procrastination is a problem these days...thankfully, i have one lovely muse to inspire me!)

this was an awesome assignment, trista - i enjoyed writing this. it made me realize how much i love to write and miss it...

I chose an Emily Dickinson poem. I have the original and my version in the above link

Great Choice Trista! Really made me think! I had to go through a million (ok like 20) poems to pick one :-)
A very challenging topic - I enjoyed doing this one. I chose to select from the works of Walt Whitman, a favorite poet from college studies. I picked a poem I wasn't familiar with to avoid any preconceived images. I pasted the poem at the bottom of my post.

Looking forward to reading the others everyone's coming up with!
Nothing like the last minute, but I got it done. i will try to read the others in the next couple days. This was a hard one for me. It's a topic I think about a lot and when it came down to putting it on paper I just had too many thoughts. It was a great challenge!
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