Monday, October 01, 2007

October Theme - You, the Killer

First of all, I want to say thanks for the absolutely powerful entries from September. There was some writing there that really represents the best of what the Scheherezade Project can be. I was honestly overwhelmed by the honesty and visceral soul-searching. I know you guys didn't owe me anything, so I really appreciate you coming through like that.
Even though that month has past, feel free to finish anything else that you may have started and drop in in there.

So for October, let's write (hopefully) fictional stories about you killing somebody else. It could be accidental. It could be deliberate. It could be a complete stranger. Or it could be someone that you're intimately familiar with.

Thanks in advance for your help with the Project.

This was difficult.
I didn't do it. But I wrote about why I didn't do it. Does that count? (I have really good reasons!!)
It's been a year & a half since I posted my first, & until now only, contribution to the Scheherazade Project. But my writing momentum is picking up. My response to this theme is called Mercy. Best to all. -- Mel
A conversation with Soleil and my sister elicited a humorous take on the assignment, so here's a second one:
I wrote thisa a long time ago and is probably not exactly what you were looking for, but it's all I got in my head when I tried to work on this topic so I figured I might as well share ...

Hope to be back writing soon ... Blessings, everyone!
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